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Art in lockdown

17.04.20 ( week 4 of Lock down)

I really don't think we will ever forget this time. We are living through history. For me, having art in my life, particularly at this time , has been an absolute blessing. The lock down has given me the chance to reflect on what is important, what is not worth worrying about and how to move forward with my arty adventures. I will treasure the lock down moments that Ella ( my Daughter) and I have spent in the studio , laughing , creating, painting and relaxing. In normal circumstances I would be busy working , Ella at uni, so it is the perfect time to be really in " the moment "and really appreciate actually being in the conscious.

We both love getting creative and have spent hours in the studio. Art for me is a way of relaxing and gives a general sense of wellbeing. It gives me a massive sense of satisfaction and is good for the soul, especially at these strange times we are living through! As you can probably tell, I'm a huge fan of colour and I generally feel happier when I see colour anywhere. Life is better with colour in it! I hope you are all safe and well and keeping busy. If you feel like getting creative during Lockdown, watch out for my 'free" printable colouring designs available soon, just Click the "Get Creative" link in the menu.

Stay safe and well,

Dawn x

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